Making it better




I decided to have another go at the book yesterday.  There were so many good ideas in the project, I didn’t want to leave it in thin air, unfinished and unloved.  Instead of printing out a whole heap of papers, I fished out a pack of Basic Grey “Euphoria”, complete with sticker set and cut it to US Letter size as in the original instructions.




The result was heaps better.  Eagle eyed WI Craft Judges will spot blobs of excess glue which, they’ll be pleased to note, I have now removed using my nifty glue eraser!  I left the tabs blank, though did for about ten seconds, consider putting the paper through my printer before coming to my senses and thinking better of it!





I made the file folder to fit in the pocket created between two pages, hard to see in the midst of all that patterned paper in there, but it works well and is a useful addition.  That in particular is something I’ll incorporate into other projects.




The spinner fits and works well.  Adds a bit of interactive fun to this kind of book  but I think I need to think carefully about the page content to make sure it’s not just there for the sake of it.




Once it was finished, I couldn’t leave well alone and simply had to cut that shape out.  I put a new blade on my scalpel (why don’t I do that more often?!) and cut through all the layers at once.  Far better, smoother curves and more successful all round.  I’m happier with that.



Holiday weekend

Not quite how I hoped