Getting there


At last I’ve got rid of the cold and spent happy days over the weekend feeling so much better.




We’ve celebrated a golden wedding anniversary, an 80th birthday, Mothering Sunday and m-i-l’s 86th.  A weekend full of sunshine and celebrations, happy times with friends and family.  Just how I like it.




Mary’s been here from LA, so the conversation has been entertaining and we had every reason to sit back and enjoy her company.  Lovely.




Spring has really sprung here and the temperatures have been surprising for the first week in April.  We’re now gathering ourselves in preparation for a complex arrangement of house sitters who are about to arrive as we are about to depart.




Oh, and our boy has a new job which entailed getting up at 5am today to catch the 6.15am train to Newcastle.  What fun!

Indian Ocean Adventure

Indian Ocean Adventure