Herd or Siege?


Those arriving early for a Virgin Atlantic flight from Narita airport are rewarded with the chance to take a lesson in origami at a shop/workshop right by the departure gate.  Last time, I left it too late, but on this occasion I was there, Y200 in hand, ready and eager to have someone teach me the finer points of crane folding.


sketchbook etc


Then, for the first hour or so of the flight home, I practised what I’d learned, trying very hard to get everything crisp and neat, scribbling reminders in my sketchbook as I went along.




Here at home, I’m trying very hard to retain the know-how and have more or less got the method in my head, only referring occasionally to the diagrams which show a couple of small variations on the method shown to me by my teacher.




The repetition is good, therapeutic even. 




I now have a string of a dozen, which isn’t quite the requisite number according to tradition, but in lieu of a get well card, could be enough to be going on with.

Whether it’s enough to constitute a herd or a siege of cranes, I have no idea. 

Perhaps it could be described as an Elegant Sufficiency ;-) ?

The Thought