Goodbye Christmas 2010


Today we de-Christmassed.  Funny how it takes a day to decorate the house and yet it all comes down in a couple of hours.




One small bear had a slight fall from grace in the process – fortunately she fell in a way which saved her blushes.  Our Christmas tree was stripped of all the bah-boo-bah (as tinsel is known in this household) and looked particularly sad and droopy.

Time to move on!




Remembering the Martha Stewart blog entry about decorating the tree, (just wait till you see photo 11!)  I was conscious of how many boxes contain our Christmas decorations.




Answer: Three.  The Christmas story books go into a separate box and don’t count as decorations! 




They’re now all in the loft again with just one casualty, sadly.  Of course, it had to be a lovely one, newly purchased this year in a set of four from my friend’s great gift shop Chalk  - here’s hoping she still has one or two left so I can get a replacement.




After all that exhausting work (!) a spot of lunch was required.  On the way there, it started to snow.


Enough already!!


Happy New Year!