The right tool for the job


It’s much easier to achieve a good result that way.




I got the walking foot out for my sewing machine, to start quilting my little “leftover”.  I wanted to stitch simple, straight lines, nothing fancy.




Hmm.  I remembered there’s a little gizmo in the accessory box for keeping lines parallel.  That’s what I needed.  Out it came.




I’ll admit, I had to google to find out where/how it fitted, it’s so long since I used it.  But of course, once I saw the picture and referred back to my machine, there was only one place it could go.




There was the added bonus of discovering exactly what this little bit of kit does too: fastens the gizmo to the back of the walking foot and screws it into place.




In no time, we were away and the small leftover was quilted.

Now to finish off loose ends and to sew the binding, assuming I have enough fabric left. 

Because it would be silly to buy more fabric to finish off this leftover quilt, wouldn’t it?  What would I do with the leftover fabric?


Into every life…