Into every life…

..a little rain must fall.

Or so said my Mum when things didn’t go, ahem, according to plan.




I post this to balance the good life.  To counter all those thoughts of “oh, it’s all right for her, swanning off here and there” and to ensure that my blog doesn’t become one of those stories of a perfect life seen only through rose coloured spectacles.




The pictures might tell a story of everything running smoothly.  Of things under control and ticking over nicely.




Except that as far as our fridge-freezer was concerned, this was not the case.  Today’s unlooked for bonus was to clean out an unexpectedly defrosted fridge-freezer and dispose of the contents.


Whilst my hero has gone off to take the smelly contents to our “Civic Amenity Site”, I’ve hopefully managed to get rid of the horrible aftermath: the smell.


What a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Not.

The right tool for the job

Rainy Saturday