Another day…



…another time zone.

House sitters are back in action and having repacked our things almost straight from the last trip, the next adventure begins. 




Though the whole trip promises plenty of fun, these first days in one of our favourite places got off to a marvellous start.  Jordi is a reliable guide to the best of places to eat and her recommendation of Calle Ocho turned out to be spot on.




The atmosphere was noisy and colourful – just the thing for keeping awake!  The food was fantastic and arrived in huge portions, which meant that however delicious it was, however hungry we’d been, there was no chance that we’d ever finish it, sadly.  Above is my starter, tamal, which turned out to be the tastiest, most delicious prawn and tamale combination, with the pumpkin seed pesto drizzle adding a real twist.  Totally yummy and definitely somewhere we’ll return.

Another reason why we couldn’t finish could be that we’d polished off two whole baskets of their delicious yucca bread dipped in black bean paste – as we broke open another roll with those fateful words “just one more”, we knew we should have exercised restraint.

But we’re on holiday, aren’t we?

Visual feast

Clover love

Clover love