The gasmen cometh and we’re off again




That’s right – gasmen in the plural.  While one sprawled over the kitchen floor to fix a leaky fridge, another worked upstairs to get our bathroom radiator working again.  Yes, I know it’s too warm to have heating on, but oh my, we love to reach for a warm towel after a shower!

Anyway, I now know what the floor looks like under the fridge:  Not quite as embarrassing now as it was then.

So, no sooner had we arrived home from London, caught up with the washing and so on, then we were off again.  This time, to Suffolk.




via Waddesdon Manor.




The huge number of turrets, chimneys and twisty downpipes are intriguing and on a bright sunny Sunday morning of a bank holiday weekend, we weren’t the only ones here, as you can imagine.

We were lucky, though, and managed a couple of tickets for the house with no wait whatsoever.




But no time to linger, for our place in Ipswich awaited us.




Last time we were here, we explored the coast so this time, we ventured inland, firstly to Ickworth




We enjoyed learning a little about the Hervey family, but the unexpected bonus of the day was finding the answer to why so many hotels are called Bristol.




Whilst there, we spotted a pretty impractical teacup and saucer and the hand of another lady artist.




One for the collection.


A different side of the city