Gadget Girl


It’s quite well known in these parts that I’m a bit of a gadget freak.  Usually, at work anyway, the gadgets are usually some bit of electronic paraphernalia which I decide I can’t live without and which ends up in my handbag along with all the other, well, gadgets.




But I can do low tech as well.  Hands up who knows what this is? 




It’s really easy to use – simply open up one half and begin to wind with yarn.  Close it up and do the same for the other side.  Cut using sharp scissors and tie around the middle with a secure knot.




Pull it apart and give the pompom a shake.




Trim and attach to the end of two metres of French Knitting.

Repeat a few more times with different colours.




Time for the next gadget.  Any guesses?




It’s a Daisy Loom.




After winding several times over each pair of pegs, the centre is secured with a few stitches.




Slip it off the plastic frame and stitch to the end of a couple of metres of French Knitting.




See where we’re going with this?


Small World