About time too.

I’ve completed two crochet granny squares, one of which meets with my approval.  It’s only taken me a couple of years and the advice and guidance of three very capable teachers to achieve something I am sure I used to be able to do when I was twelve.




My first granny square was worked using a 4mm Aero inox hook.  Though I was ok about how it squared up, I wasn’t so fussed about the colour changes and the way it highlighted the “step up”.

I also noticed how quickly my hand began to ache slightly, possibly because I was gripping the hook too tightly, though I was doing my best to keep everything more loose than I normally do.




So I went walkabout and found another hook, this time a Clover one, size 3.5mm.  I found this much easier on my hands, far more comfortable to use and whipped off another square in no time.  I looked closely to see where to change colours, surprised to find that the best place to change is well before the step up. 




Putting the two squares together, it’s interesting to see how much that 0.5mm difference in hook size makes.  I prefer the smaller, tighter one to the loose and floppy and feel I can claim, at last, that I can crochet granny squares!

What next, I wonder?

Happy Christmas!

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