Frequent visitors to my photo a day blog may recall the entry from February 25, which showed a few "yoyos".  They form part of a scarf, given to me by my good friend Fanny, who had bought it on her travels in Thailand recently.

I wore the scarf for the first time yesterday and  received the frequently asked question "is it your work?"  Of course not - I counted those yoyos and found there were at least 500 in it and they are not the quickest thing to make.  But when I got home, I thought a bit and remembered something in my cupboard.

I love the little Clover gadgets and remembered buying these yoyo makers in Cheltenham one morning last year. I was not really surprised to find that I'd bought the "extra small" size too - I  love tiny things and always go for the smallest size available.

My eyes fell on another part of the packaging.  doesn't look too challenging, does it?

Sunday afternoon, then, and nothing on the agenda. I found a few small squares of quilting fabric which had been samples from a display, gathered needle, thread and scissors and opened the package to find the detailed instruction sheet.

Quite a bit there...but hang on....

...there's more.

Oh, good grief!!  How difficult could it be?!  Fortunately I noticed something before I decided to give up completely

Half that sheet was the French translation - German and Spanish on the other side, too.  Phew.  I gathered my stuff together and made a start.

 Very small pieces of fabric are required, which would make this an excellent project for using up all kinds of tiny bits or recycling a few odds and ends.  I could get four yoyos from one sample square of this fabric (and I had about twenty sample squares...my mind was racing ahead to another scarf)

The templates make cutting the circles really easy.

and the stitching is a cinch when there are holes to guide every in and out of the needle.

The hardest bit is interpreting the almost-too-comprehensive instructions - after a while, I decided to go it alone.

After all, what's the worst that could happen?

I gathered up the tiny circle and pulled tight, securing the yoyo with a knot as instructed.

Tada!  One complete, tiny yoyo - albeit not exactly circular.  But hey, practice makes perfect...

Half an hour later, seven tiny yoyos!

But what of the other 493 for the next scarf?  Well, to be truthful, I'm a bit bored with making yoyos now!

(I might make a few more, together with some slightly larger ones and decorate a T shirt or something.  We'll see...)



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