St George’s Day

I was listening to a radio discussion about patron saints recently, pricking my ears up when someone proposed that there could be a more appropriate patron saint of England than St George.  But as is the way with listening to the radio on a car journey, I missed the start of the argument, when the reasons why good old St George will no longer do were stated and switched off before the end as well.  Though I intended to go online and listen again, life somehow moved on and I forgot all about it.

Googling this morning, to find the original programme, I find that a discussion has taken place and listeners have voted in favour of St Alban (who is not so easy to google and is very much overshadowed by the eponymous city)

But see what happens when my back is turned?  All of those stories of a brave knight in shining armour told at Brownie pack meetings, images of dragons and white flags with red crosses – all could be overturned in the wink of an eye.

I doubt it.




For now, enjoy this clipping from today’s paper to celebrate St George’s Day which amused me this morning.  I had fun spotting as many features associated with England as I could: any advance on 17 18?


For positively the last time