For positively the last time




I will post photos of this finished (yay!) quilt.




It’s had quite enough exposure, but I am grateful to everyone for the encouragement, helpful advice and kind comments without which I feel sure it would have still been lingering there on my table.




I’m often asked the question “why do you blog?” and I think the answer lies with my quilt.  I blog to keep a record of what I’m doing, and of what I’ve done, mostly for my own personal use, but in sharing good intentions with friends I can also set myself up with a challenge.  Sometimes, I deliberately post the start of a project, because sooner or later, someone will ask “whatever happened to…?” and I will respond in the same way I used to respond when my Mum asked the same question ;-)  Yes, I’ll sigh, roll my eyes a bit and then succumb to the kindly shove and do something about it.

I will never admit to having stuffed “that yellow dress” down at the back of the wardrobe or to cutting it up for some weird project or other.  But I might turn a delicate shade of pink and look a bit shifty…


For my next trick

I plan to get out the old “tricotin” again.  Maybe you can remember the loopy scarf I knitted last year?  Well, last week, whilst at Kelmscott Manor, Mary, Joanna and I stalked a French woman who was wearing this




I recognised the style immediately and began to mutter La Droguerie in a way which gave them some concern.  When we got home, I opened one of my pattern books and Voilà! there was the pattern.




In French.  Bien sûr.

Parlons-nous francais?  Un petit peu.  Fortunately there’s also a good, clear diagram.




So, we have yarn (Debbie Bliss 4ply Rialto), we have a working tricotin and later, we may have lift off.


There.  I’m committed now, aren’t I?

St George’s Day

Almost there