This and that

Quite a bit of activity here today


A few bits of family history ephemera have turned up, including Mark's Grandfather's marriage certificate and some newspaper clippings about his Great Grandfather's death.  Great Grandfather John was Mayor of Lincoln and the obituary makes for interesting reading.  So, a few more pieces to add to the family tree and as a result, a few more leads to follow - a useful and warm activity to do on a chilly February morning.



It might be freezing cold outside but the clear sunshine is making the colours of the tulips on the kitchen windowsill sing.  Glorious colour.



There's a heady scent coming from this little bunch of Cheerfulness too. I find it amazing that such a small flower can have such a powerful perfume.



This might not look much but it represents a first for me - my first go at making crumpets!  We've been on the natural starter sourdough bread road for quite some time now and really hate throwing away the excess starter that accumulates over a couple of weeks in the fridge.  Thanks to Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini, we now know what we can make with it and though these first attempts don't look particularly pretty, they taste authentic enough. Practice needed!



Last but not least, thanks to Sue who shared a link to the 7day shop I've now got my pile of brightly coloured USB sticks, ready for filling with holiday pictures and memories of lovely days in exciting places.  That's the job for this afternoon!




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