October already


It’s been an horrendous day here with blustery winds and heavy downpours.  I had to drive to Abingdon and back through the rain, listening to the updates on the radio about the motorway, which was closed in both directions for several hours.  Poor souls to be caught up in all of that – though undoubtedly, they were luckier than those who were involved in whatever-it-was which caused it all at 7.30am this morning.




Home again, with a few birthdays on the horizon, it was time to spend a little while in the studio, fiddling about with punches, rubber stamps and paper, making a few cards.




Out came one of my favourite Catslife stamps, though I’m not sure it’s truly accurate when I make “a series” of three cards which are nearly the same.




No cooking to do for supper because we’re lucky to be invited out this evening.  The thing is, I have an unusually large pile of marking to do.  It’s a  long time since I brought that kind of work home…

Harvest time

History two ways

History two ways