Looking for Cinderella

because the slipper doesn't fit me.



I finished the first of a pair of Cocoknits Ballet Flats last night.  I'd read they were a quick knit and even I managed to complete one in an afternoon/evening, but sadly, today it will be frogged because it's way too small.



I'm pleased with my choice of yarn, even if it did make the knitting a little more challenging than it need have been.  Or perhaps it concealed more mistakes/irregularities than a plain yarn would have done?  Anyway, it was from my stash and was ideal for the slippers, being practical dark coloured wool but with a bit of frivolity too! 



I like the way the toe is shaped and think the pleated front is worth the added hassle - it's not that difficult even if it took me a while to work it out to begin with.  The construction is clear and easy to follow and I had no problems.  I knit the middle size, supposedly for a US foot size 9.



But the decreasing cast off really put the lid on it and no way would my foot go into the slipper, let alone feel comfortable once wearing it.

I'll try again later.



Running away