Taste test

Wherever we've walked in Salzburg we've passed shops full of "die echte" (the originalMozartkugel.  In every store, as we bought some to try, we checked with the salesperson, and yes, each one is most certainly "echt".

This afternoon, we sat down for a serious tasting. Hard work, I know, but we felt it had to be done.



First, the Mirabell Mozart Kugel.  This is the variety to be found in supermarkets and souvenir shops rather than in specialist stores, often in boxes shaped like violins or other curious presentations.  We bought a pack of three kugeln and spotted on the wrapper that the company is part of the Kraft empire.



All three of us voted this our least favourite.  Sweeter than the others, it was, according to Edward, "nothing special".  The marzipan in those we sampled wasn't anything like the colour of the one on the Mirabell website and was more of a muddy yellow.



Next came the Reber Mozartkugel, which are made over the border in Germany and are not actually kugeln but have a flat base.



 Mark voted this his favourite.  Not only was it less sweet than the Mirabell kugel, the inner layers were more defined too.



These were only available in the Reber shop where there are several variations on the theme - as well as "Sachertorten" for sale.  No-one was claiming those as "echt" however*

* we are staying in the Hotel Sacher here in Salzburg and I can give you chapter and verse on what indicates a genuine - echt - Sachertorte!



Finally, the silver and blue "Furst" kugeln.   I think they win hands down as far as "die echte" go and they are made in Salzburg, too.  Only available in the four Furst shops in Salzburg, they're pretty exclusive.



We found real green marzipan inside and only one layer of chocolate nougat under the dark chocolate coating.  Clearly handmade (and yet only marginally more expensive than the others), these were totally different to the others and were clear winners with Edward and I.

Having eaten three kugeln each, we decided we'd had enough of Mozartkugeln for a while.


Now, what about Bach Wurfel.....



not to mention Bruckner noten and the rest?  


Not this afternoon, thank you!


Alto Adige