Another glorious day in Salzburg    



First stop was the funicular to the castle, aiming to get there before the rush and whilst it was still cool.  The views from the top there were lovely.

I found most of the exhibits pretty dull to be honest, though found a few odd things to interest me.



I especially liked the way the armour was displayed



and the "enemy" amused us all.



There was some spectacular door furniture



and the method of folding the medal ribbons most unusual and rather effective.



Leo, Prince-Archbishop adopted the turnip as his symbol and it's to be found all over the castle and elsewhere in Salzburg - fun to do a bit of turnip spotting around the place.

On then, from the castle to the Salzburg Museum where we thoroughly enjoyed the presentations of the city history - so much more than Mozart!



Wonderfully displayed, exquisitely presented, the whole museum held our interest.  Our awareness of such things has been raised since visiting exhibitions with Marieke, our museologist friend, and it was she who was high in our thoughts as we went on to visit the Salzburg Panorama



Until visiting The Hague at the start of this trip and the Panorama there with Ilya and Marieke, such things had not really captured our interest and imagination.  Today, we appreciated the dark approach, the steps up to the viewing platform and the panorama itself.  Not quite such a beauty as the Mesdag one but interesting nevertheless.



Back to the hotel then, for important business awaits.

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