Style and comfort


Before we move on, I should share a bit about the beautiful hotel we chose in Linz.  Hotel am Domplatz  wasn't actually finished when we booked our stay but promised to be special, even then.  We have the corner room on the first floor, overlooking the Mariendom - the one with the blinds drawn when this photo was taken.



Our room is almost all glass.  Behind the bed, there's the bathroom - with separate, closed in loo!




From the bathroom, you can see where I sit and blog...or curl up and read on a rather comfy sofa.



There is no real room for art, but on the one solid wall, there hangs a (very reflective, sorry) panel with some braille script.  I'd like to think it describes, in some way, the view that is revealed to those of us lucky enough to be able to enjoy it.



Pretty good, eh?


Though yes, it is a bit like living in a goldfish bowl, so the net curtains remain closed.  Shame.



Oh, nearly forgot.  The view from the loo. Densely frosted glass with one small clear strip at eye level.  Works well.


Nice house, shame about the trophies

European Capital of Culture 2009

European Capital of Culture 2009