The fun continues


Here in Dresden, where one intrepid member of the family (not me) was happy to climb to the dome of the newly rebuilt Frauenkirche and take a few photographs.



The interior gets mixed reviews from these parts.  Whilst we have all marvelled at the structure from the outside, only Mark was in favour of the interior decor.  Both Edward and I felt it too sugar-sweet, too pastel and gold and way too theatrical to inspire either of us, sadly.  Of course, the hordes of tourists trouping around, blatantly ignoring the "no photography" signs and treating the whole place like a free-for-all didn't help.

But it's good that such an enormous project has succeeded and we are all in awe of the vision and confidence that inspired those who have managed the project to a successful conclusion.



We resisted the temptation of a stretch Trabi for our tour and instead, walked the streets on foot, exploring all the major sights in a surprisingly compact area with no trouble.



This masterpiece (the Furstenzug) is just around the corner from our hotel and is hugely impressive, being contsructed by thousands and thousands of Meissen ceramic tiles.



 Hard to say what's impressed us most though: the exhibition of Carl Gustav Carus work in the Zwinger gallery, the wealth of old buildings in this corner of the city with a breathtaking view whichever way we look or the kloesse and schweinbraten in the Paulaner stube, best of all accompanied by a large Weissbier or two.

Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one.

Into Saechsisches Schweiz - and beyond

Small Frustrations

Small Frustrations