Small Frustrations

Small Frustrations

At home we have a relatively efficient broadband connection.  Not the fastest - our rural location means that optical fibre and cable are unlikely to be on offer in the foreseeable future.  But, generally speaking, we can use the internet to do what we want without too much angst.

Here in the eastern reaches of Germany, it's not quite as easy.

I wrote the last blog posts in a smoky cafe in the market square in Weimar, because I felt the hotel charge was extortionate.  The connection there was fast and efficient and cost me virtually nothing as we bought drinks as well.

We are now in Dresden and our elegant, first class hotel offers "fast wifi" at a cost marginally less than the previous one.  We logged on and prepared for catch-up.

Except that it won't upload any photos.  Attempting to post the first of three recent photos of the day to my blog, the progress is so glacially slow that the page falls over before it succeeds.

Patience is called for.

I'm not good at that.


on 2009-07-30 14:29 by Gill Thomas

Aha!  We've discovered that it's the wifi signal to our room which is weak - by taking baby laptop and sitting elsewhere in the hotel, we can manage better.

Photos are going to appear soon!

The fun continues

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