No-one would have believed....

Thirty years on.  Two couples of similar vintage and musical heritage spot the notice of a forthcoming live performance in Birmingham and eagerly organise tickets for this, the 30th Anniversary tour of Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds".  Having been brought up on such things, the 24yr old "next generation" agrees to join the olds for the night and in a great evening of light and laughter (and serious political discussion!) the five of us had a wonderful time.



Great to see so many of the original musicians performing this oh-so-familiar work.  We've just about worn out the 2-CD set over the years and have enjoyed watching the DVD of the first tour, recorded some years ago.  So, it was with some trepidation that we watched Justin Hayward step onto the stage and start to sing...needn't have worried though.   



The whole thing was a huge success from start to finish.  We loved it!




A great crust!