Though there was much treasure to be found in and around Umea (much of it in the Hemslojdens shop) just a couple of small things found their way home with me.




These short, handmade birch (of course) needles were such a great find that I was sorely tempted to buy a pair in every size.  I didn't.  We'll see how useful these are and perhaps I'll make a list of more sizes when a further visit to Umea is scheduled - maybe later in the year.



I've tried to find a link to the small but very comprehensive knitting shop where I bought them, or to the makers themselves, but sadly no joy. 



Of course, I couldn't leave the Hemslodjens store empty handed and fell for this book of terrific wristwarmer patterns.  In Swedish.  Crochet.  Do I speak Swedish?  No.  Can I crochet?  Well.....not very well.  So, we have the next challenge!


No-one would have believed....

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