Getting ready

Approaching a holiday weekend, I'm always surprised at the hordes of people who appear to be preparing for a seige.  I arrived at Waitrose this morning before 9, to find the car park already half full and the store bustling with shoppers packing the food into their trolleys as if there was no tomorrow.


Being on holiday last week has meant plenty of do these last few days and both Mark and I seem to have been running around catching up rather than thinking of what needs to be done for Easter.

I found time to add a few feathers, Swedish style, to our trees by the front door and hung a few eggs on the all-purpose branch which sits in our porch from Advent until Easter.



This afternoon, I've baked some Easter Biscuits, to take with me tomorrow, when we're off up to London to meet our Californian friend, Mary.  Weve got lunch booked at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen and tickets for Calendar Girls tomorrow evening.  Should be fun.



Oh, and I've finished my Sweden journal today, which must be a record.  It's a bit of a departure for me this time, for instead of using a ready-made plain sketchbook, I created all the pages from ephemera collected along the way and bound it using my Bind-it-all. 



I'm quite pleased with the end result - nno matter where we go, we always end up with loads of paper stuff, which turned out to be very useful in the end.

O Silver moon

Last lap