Years ago, I wrote an "Action Pack" (a small, self contained learning package aimed at beginners) for the WI about making small books.  We had difficulties settling on a title, thinking that "bookmaking" was open to interpretation and might lead to some disappointment when it arrived. 



There are two copies of the "Keepsake Books" Action Packs, each containing samples and full instructions for three projects, easily manageable by a group of people sitting around a kitchen table. 



I made two of each book and a few other bits and pieces to illustrate the process and as you can imagine, these have had a fair bit of handling over the years.  With both the packs "at home" right now and not out on loan, it was a good opportunity to tidy them up a bit.



 It's been fun having them back, for I'd forgotten that I'd used some of Edward's drawings for one of them.  So cute!  These two are still looking pretty good, but it was those with the magnetic closures which had suffered the worst, with the magnets so strong they'd worked loose.  I decided that, rather than make completely new books, I'd simply do a revamp and recover the existing book with new fabric.



 I'd bought a piece of this girly fabric whilst in Japan and thought it'd make for a good sample, so set to work on the replacement cover.  Whilst I was at it, I thought I'd look for an alternative means of fastening it closed, so that I wouldn't be replacing magnets all the time.



It didn't take long, but look what happened...dancing on our heads now, are we?  Much as I prefer the "better done than perfect" solution, I couldn't let this one go.  Rather than fiddle around with it any more I started afresh and made a whole new book.



This is an "envelope book", made using ten or twelve envelopes bound in a rigid cardboard binding covered with fabric.  It has a flap over to accommodate the magnetic fastening (which I decided to keep after all, since the instruction sheets referred to it and I couldn't bear the thought of rewriting all of those!)



One of the ideas for this book is to keep little souvenirs in whilst travelling, so I chose a themed Debbie Mumm print from years ago and slightly reworked the magnet, hopefully ensuring a longer life.



I'm quite pleased with the finished sample if rather sorry that it took me a long time to remember that it's often quicker to start again than to try to make a shortcut!



The remainder of the day was spent packing boxes, because I'll be at the NEC tomorrow and Sunday, demonstrating the "Making Keepsake Books" Action Pack on the Denman College stand.  If you're there too, why not come and say Hello?

You'll recognise one or two samples.


Sorting out

Magical evening