Gloucestershire Spring



It's been mostly rainy here today and those warm Spring days of last week passed rather too quickly.  Perhaps as well we didn't get too used to short sleeves and sandals?



Whilst shopping this morning I couldn't resist some "summer" fruit though.  Those luscious scarlet berries tempted me over to take a closer look.



Surprise!  Never seen these before but they found their way home with me and we'll try them tomorrow with some creme fraiche.  They are beautifully scented, true to their name - a confusing combination!



The wild strawberries in our garden have some way to go, but were looking lovely in between the showers this afternoon.


This evening's concert in the garden from Gill Thomas on Vimeo.


Remembering those lovely sunny days of last week, when this photo was taken from our garden, I went outside to listen to a small concert taking place in our drive just now (9.15pm) and though I was shivering, I simply had to stay and hear this tiny bird sing his heart out.  No idea what it was, for it was nearly dark and his shape was a mere silhouette but as he flew off I was surprised by his size - tiny.  Of course, there's the inevitable aeroplane too, but I think I know who wins!



Unexpected delight

Unexpected delight