Always there

Monday.  Wash Day.  Well, that's how it goes isn't it?

Hopefully our kind of comforting routine isn't quite as rigid as that and judging from the crowds out shopping today, there can't have been many left at home doing the washing, that's for sure.  Armed with my lists, I set out this morning aiming to get the presents sorted, thinking as I did that I seem to have fewer to buy each year, sadly.



This time of the year provokes all kinds of mood swings - merry and bright one minute and then maudlin and downright miserable the next, and I know I'm not alone in that.  Fortunately the merry and bright usually wins through most of the time!



I could hear my Mum's voice this morning, though, as the button on my trousers popped off just as I was about to leave the house.  There she was, somewhere, saying "Don't sew sorrow to your back" - meaning, take off the trousers because you can't repair something properly whilst still wearing it.

Of course, I followed her advice.  You would have done too, wouldn't you?






8.19am, Thursday morning