This is the scene around here for much of the time right now.  Was it the snowy start to the year that's resulted in such a busy March?  Or is it my tendency to say yes first and wonder why later?  Whatever the reason, right now I'm hardly at home and my "portfolio career" feels more like a stranglehold.



My difficulty is that I enjoy what I do.  I love working with people, with skilled colleagues who are so generous with their time and commitment.  I enjoy a challenge, to fiddle about with some gadget or other and watch as someone else realises what potential lies in that small box.  All I need to keep me going is to witness the sparkle in their eyes as they succeed in something they've been trying to do, to stand by and watch the creative process happening. To inspire a little motivation and persuade them that they really do want to go on and learn more.



But these pleasures are often accompanied by frustration.  Jobs half done or not done as well as I'd have hoped.  Books started and left so the plot is lost.  Time wasted sitting listening to badly prepared speakers with inadequate resources. A laptop computer which takes forever to complete a process and then, when it finally springs to life, tells you that no, you can't open Flickr because there's no proof that you, the user, are 18 or over. 


At times like this, it's good to be home.



Even if it's littered with unpacked bags, piles of unopened post, letters demanding attention and a whole plethora of half started "good intentions".



Like the start of Shimelle's "Something from Almost Nothing" project.  My "therapy" - playing about with bits of paper and a few other things.



Whilst I've been running about here and there, the crocus have appeared and Spring seems to be happening. 

To think, I nearly missed it.


Can't wait for Spring

Can't wait for Spring

I ask you