The windows

We love the exuberance of the shop window displays in the major stores and could spend hours peering through the glass, noticing the tiny details of some of these intricate designs.  Because there's so much to see, I've left these photos a little larger than usual - click on the thumbnail photo and it will open up a much bigger image.

First up, Lord and Taylor, who have created some beautiful little scenes with each tiny figure immaculately dressed in tailored clothes.


There are about half a dozen of these windows, each with a different story to tell



These are undoubtedly traditional designs, with themes everyone can recognise



Crowds form outside these stores as everyone struggles to get a good view



We resolve the problem by waiting till dark, when there are fewer people and virtually no reflections too.



But I was outside Anthropologie at the Rockerfeller centre early yesterday morning, before the crowds appeared.



A bit more arty, these, in the usual Anthro style but still interesting and fun



The snow theme is a little wishful thinking, for the weather here has been an unseasonal 59F



Unlike the L & T window displays, these are definitely grown up designs but don't attract any more attention than the usual year-round curiosity this store generates.  They're clever and very creative yet attractive, IMHO.


Unlike this one



Barneys have done their usual trick of taking a different slant and wishing everyone a "Witty Christmas", celebrating 25 years of Saturday Night Live with papier mache figures and slogans only known to the afficionados (I'm not one).  Definitely only for the grownups, I felt it was a little too clever by half.



Time for a break - the next entry will have the best of all: Bergdorf Goodman.

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