It's beginning to feel...

..a lot lilke Christmas!

I had decided that I wouldn't post a Christmas-related photo of the day until December, but I relented yesterday.  The decorations were just too overwhelming to pass by and when I scanned through the photographs I'd taken yesterday one stood out from the rest. 



We're here in New York this weekend, enjoying the city and joining in the fun of the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.



The city never disappoints and when the sky is blue and the air is crisp, a jet-lagged early morning walk lifts the spirits and excitement levels soar.  Add to that scenario a real NY breakfast of corned beef hash and a couple of eggs sunny-side up, or raisin-cinnamon French toast with maple syrup and you get the picture.




So, we stepped out yesterday morning along with everyone else, along Sixth Avenue and down to Macy's where the decorations this year are truly magnificent.  Having bagged a couple of bargains - the discounts here are generous and when the price is marked down by 50%, added 20% "early morning reduction" and then another 10% because we're British, it's hard to resist.  So, I paid my $50 for a new coat (real price getting on for $200) and the fun began.



We dropped off a couple of bags back at our hotel before heading uptown on the West Side to meet Jordi.  Fewer tourists here of course, more families going about their Saturday afternoon shopping and enjoying the sunshine.  Zabar's was busy as ever and the Christmas tree sellers on the street corners were doing their best to shelter from the chill westerly wind which blew up every cross street from the Hudson River.



The food markets along Broadway were piled high with citrus fruit.  In one store, someone had enjoyed making some beautiful arrangements which make a fun Picasa collage



We met Jordi in Barnes and Noble where I feel sure I'd never tire of browsing the shelves, however crowded it is, and excitedly talked our way back downtown.

Jordi had secured a booking for dinner at the Union Square Cafe.  Not an easy feat!

Suffice to say that Mark's Pan-Seared Scallops, Roasted Autumn Vegetables, Guanciale, Currants, Pine Nuts and Vincotto  were exactly as he could have wished and that the Grilled Duck Breast with Chestnut-Fall Squash Farrotto and Huckleberry Gastrique  that Jordi and I chose was simply delicious.  And yes, of course I had to ask what everything was (except for the duck!)



With full tummies we decided to enjoy a walk back to the hotel, past our favourite Flatiron building and up Fifth Avenue, taking a short peek inside the newly refurbished Empire State Building lobby. 




We lingered by the most stunning shop window displays before reminding ourselves of arrangements for tomorrow, saying goodnight to Jordi and collapsing into the most heavenly bed.

What a wonderful day.



Tomorrow, I'll share some more of those glorious windows.


The windows

start of another fun packed day