Yesterday, after 32 years together, two of our dearest friends decided to tie the knot and just in case either of them decided to change their mind at last minute, a few of us joined them at Marylebone Town Hall to witness the occasion.




It was a rather smart affair held in elegant surroundings.



We all travelled in style to the party afterwards, too, in a manner most familiar to many of the guests.  The identity of the driver created a little amusement.  Let's just say that his action reflected the measure of warmth felt towards our friends by everyone present.



Lunch was elegant and beautifully presented, bringing this long-awaited celebration to a fitting conclusion.  The briefest of speeches, a few heartfelt toasts and we all went our separate ways.


Our plans were for an entertaining evening at the theatre.



It was just right - very clever, not too demanding and a fun way to finish a memorable day.





How does this happen?

Easily distracted