Good days at home

Good days at home

A very work-related start to this week left all the fun till yesterday and today.  Not sure that I achieved much yesterday except for having a chance to tie up one or two work-related loose ends and spend a bit of time playing about with Photoshop.

I have always made a book about Christmas.  Recently, I've followed Shimelle's online prompts which are a real snip, because once you've paid up you get them every year at no additional cost!  This year I found another bargain - free - in the form of Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand online class, too.  So, I guess I've been thinking about how I'm going to do the 2009 journal a bit more than I might have been at this stage.

The last small journal project I completed was in September and I did the whole thing digitally, though I felt the need to print it all out when I finished.  Though I like the end result and learned heaps about Photoshop in the process I found that, for me, it's the hands on cutting and sticking which is the therapy.  Perhaps I spend too long sitting at the computer every day to find it relaxing any more?  Maybe it's the pernickety part of me that finds it quicker/easier to get things how I want them in real life than on a screen?

Anyway, I needed a set of numbers for the pages and being of the "I could do that myself" mind, I set to with a few ideas and totally underestimated the time it takes to sit and fiddle.  What a good job I'm not paying myself an hourly rate - I'm not quite half way through the 1 - 31 set needed yet!

I did a few more this morning but a friend came to call and we had to have tea.

Easily distracted

Did someone mention Ofsted?