Rabbit holes

Rabbit holes

On an overcast Autumn morning with an hour or so to spare, it’s tempting to begin the day by reading email and allowing myself to get distracted.  I’ve done my Spanish practice (level 10, no less!) and the washing machine is humming.  As my Mum would say, “nothing spoiling”.

I opened up my Feedly blog reader and began at the top.  Books and Journals.

Paper Navigations in Amsterdam! - Rachel Hazell - Mozilla Firefox 13102016 095144

The entrance to the rabbit hole is staring me in the face.  As I read about the book art course in Amsterdam, I click on all the links and a succession of Windows tabs opens up on my desktop.  I’ve read about Rachel’s courses before and they always sound so tempting, especially this one in Amsterdam.

Make a Scene Stamp Kits  Monica Perez Vega - Mozilla Firefox 13102016 100141

Having read the article, I settle back to follow through the links I’ve opened, then.  As I do, I decide how best to store these interesting websites for future reference – after all, we might find ourselves in Amsterdam one of these days and it would be fun to drop into one or two of them.  Normally, I will look on my Pinterest “Places” page these days, but links to sites like this cute set of Amsterdam-related rubber stamps don’t seem to fit there.  I resist the temptation to reorganise my Pinterest catalogue right now and simply bookmark the whole article with a tag “Amsterdam” in the hope that I’ll find it when I go looking for it.

Paula Joerling Studio Paper Navigations-Amsterdam - Mozilla Firefox 13102016 101059

Working my way through a variety of websites, I hit upon a new and rather interesting blog and decide to add it to my Feedly list.  As I click +, the last couple of posts appear and one of them in particular looks fascinating.

Fullscreen capture 13102016 101734-001

The Story Behind the Art – Robin Pickens tempts me to click through straight away and reveals a great story of career development.  I enjoy reading about how people end up doing what they do, especially when the story involves skill, energy, tenacity and sheer hard work. 

Robin Pickens - Blog - Mozilla Firefox 13102016 102402

You’ve already guessed where I went next and yes, Robin’s blog is immediately added to my Feedly list as well.

Ready, Set, Peel! _12inch fabric - robinpickens - Spoonflower - Mozilla Firefox 13102016 102929

In particular, I’m interested in her post about designing fabric on the theme of pie

Fullscreen capture 13102016 103218

I mean, who couldn’t be tempted by this?  What an interesting recipe…


especially as, out in the garden right now, the ingredients are hanging from the tree.  I think I need to spend the morning baking, don’t you?

What’s not to like about a rabbit hole with an apple pie at the bottom?

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