Hello from Lisbon, where the pavements are paved with the most beautiful patterns.  I think they look even better in the wet...


The "pasteis de nata" are the most delicious custard tarts you could imagine.  Why only two? Edward couldn't wait to get his teeth into his.  We have taken it upon ourselves to do a fair sampling of the pastries around the city - well, someone's got to do it ;-)


The "azulejas" on the front of many buildings are lovely, in a soft palette of colours.  I feel a quilt coming on...


Some streets are very steep but thankfully those black and white setts are not at all slippery


and around almost every corner there's a little yellow tram or funicular running a very efficient service.


As usual, there's some iffy artwork for sale along the streets, but it's harmless enough...

unlike the "stuff" offered for sale to Edward by this man and a couple of his colleagues.  Hmmm.


We're having a great time here, dodging showers where we can and now my suitcase has arrived, I'm in a better frame of mind too.

Sunday in Sintra

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!