It's a wrap - eventually

It's a wrap - eventually

I was prepared. I had seven bags full of samples, materials and enough ideas I thought.

But perhaps I wasn't quite prepared for the close encounter which was scheduled for this afternoon. I imagined one man and a digital video camera...I got a whole film crew, just back from filming my favourite Thursday evening fashion progamme. I felt very small, very inexperienced and rather lonely at times.

Though I'd got everything together and am normally confident of my ability to get on and do things, faced with all of this, even sewing a button on becomes challenging.

The best bits were when I could stand back and let them get on with it.

The worst bits were when, at the fifteenth attempt, I was asked to speak in a more lively manner.

And to hold my embroidery frame just so, to keep it in focus.

And to remember what we'd agreed I'd say.

And to keep the thread visible and not allow the loose fabric to catch as I turn the frame over to show the reverse.

And to make sure that I hold the end with my thumb as I said and not use my finger (as I did).

And not to hold it so my hand created a huge shadow over the stitch.

And to relax.

And smile.

And look as though I was enjoying myself.

And when I'd done all of that and finally been able to start a thread without a knot, do about two inches of simple running stitch and secure the end...

Could I do it all again, right from the beginning, this time to film from a different angle.

And then again (exactly the same) a third time to film my face and hands. aaaagh!

For one who can't remember what she said just ten seconds ago, this was the biggest challenge. To their credit, the whole film crew were patience personified and did their best to put me at my ease, to suggest ways of getting around a challenging bit and were totally charming and professional throughout.

Here, the lighting engineer and the cameraman try to overcome those pesky shadows in the embroidery shots. I don't really think I convinced them to take up the needle.

But it's over. Done. Wrapped. Most will end up on the cutting room floor, the remainder on a learning channel sometime in the autumn. Watch this space.

( think I'm going to TELL you where to find it?!)

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