To "Brideshead" and beyond

The rain finally came overnight and we woke to leaden skies and wet pavements.  Time to go home.  Our journey took us via Byland Abbey, however; one of those places you stumble upon as you turn a corner, suddenly finding a magnificent structure immediately in front.  Wow.


It had been our intention to drive along the ridge past Ampleforth towards Hovingham, stopping for a short time by the Mouseman workshop.  You can read about Robert  "Mousey" Thompson here.


The furniture is beautifully crafted and perfect in a large country house or parish church setting.  Since we have to furnish neither, we admired and moved on.  Not before I'd taken a photograph of their raw material in the form of stacks of English Oak, gently weathering outside the workshop.

On then, to our intended destination. Castle Howard.

We arrived with the morning rush, but that was fine - this place was large enough to cope.  We loved wandering around the house at our own pace and appreciated the fact that we could take photographs.

Though undoubtedly grand, Castle Howard is most certainly a real family home too.



The views were magnificent, both outside and in

We really enjoyed an exhibition of Nick Howard's photographs and found the inevitable exhibition to both the recent filming and the 1980's TV series interesting, for after all, many will always think of Castle Howard as Brideshead.


We drove to Hull mid afternoon, intending to spend the night there and drive home tomorrow morning.  Mummy's bungalow stands empty and with no buyers forthcoming, we tend to put it to the back of our minds.  But having satisfied ourselves that all was well, we decided to drive on back to Gloucestershire tonight.

After Strictly Come Dancing and Hull Haddock and Chips, of course.  We have our priorities!


So what would you choose?