At home. At last!

But not for long. The finished studio remains empty because we simply don't have time to begin the major sort out/put back. I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out though and especially with the two large Varde worktables. Not only do these provide a great place to stand and work but they also have plenty of paper storage on shelves underneath, for it's the large sheets of paper which have been my biggest challenge!

(Remember this??)

I seem to have picked up a chest/throat bug from somewhere and am suffering today. Peff.....peff...... I called in sick for the first time in years today.

But in spite of that, it's a good day. We were thrilled to get a phone call yesterday with the news that Edward's got the job he was interviewed for last week. In August, he'll start work as researcher for Nick Gibb, MP for Bognor and Littlehampton, Shadow Minister for Schools which possibly means that financial independence is almost achieved!

(He's worth every penny ;-)

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But it wasn't for long

Today I went to Wales