Good grief - the sewing machine is going!

We bought ourselves a small laptop last week, for using when we're on our travels. Trouble is, it doesn't have a case and looks a bit vulnerable naked. So this morning, I've made it a sleeve.
I have to admit, it's a bit WI-ish and smacks of a tea cosy. Could hardly be described as funky, unlike these but it will do until I find something better.

This brings to mind a WI story. Several people were gathered for an area meeting about health and safety and the chap leading the discussion described how he had gone to a WI office to do a risk assessment and had found - shock, horror - a fire door held open with a brick. This was bad enough, but believe it or not, said he, the brick had a tapestry cover! Sharp intakes of breath all round as eyes swivelled to try to identify the guilty party. No problem, for someone stood up to have her say - how dare he say such things about that doorstop? Didn't he know the difference between tapestry and needlepoint?!

Need beads....

Creature without a name