One of those Autumn (or is it still late-Summer?) days when there’s not quite enough fruit for pudding, but I can go out into the garden to get some more, taking my camera with me.


When the sound of buzzing makes me aware of the amount of work going on in the sedum plant by my side.


especially when I look a little further and notice there’s more…and more!


When I finally get a decent photo of the dahlia my WI friend Shirley gave me from her garden before she moved from Avening in the Spring. The slugs might have eaten it to the ground, the drought might have caught it when it had just about recovered, but at last - like Shirley herself - there was no stopping it, I’m glad to say!


There’s nothing like a relaxed Sunday morning to find time for Gs&Ts whilst I cook, taking my Hero one made with his favourite Negroni gin and then to “tidy up” by emptying the Ophir bottle myself.


Best bit of all? To sit down at the kitchen table, just the two of us, with a seasonal lunch of a couple of venison steaks, some huge Portobello mushrooms and a few Charlotte potatoes with some port and redcurrant sauce alongside, followed by a plum and ginger cobbler. There might have been a bottle of rather nice red wine there too.

As my Hero has finished washing up now, it might be time “to read the paper”.

Sunday lunch. One of the key points of our week.

Love it.

Splish splosh

Splish splosh

Self focused

Self focused