Fun and games

Fun and games


Last evening, we walked along that same pathway as I shared in my post yesterday and as we did, I realised how different it looks when seen from the other direction. Not at all bleak or forlorn…so I thought I’d set the record straight by taking another photograph on our way for pre dinner drinks.


We’ve been having fun here. The hours keep disappearing in the middle of the night and for many, ourselves included, it’s hard to wake up in the morning! The fact that the crew manage to keep so cheerful whilst working as hard as they do to keep everyone happy on less sleep than usual is remarkable.


Our sweet housekeeper Elvy had help from the travelling companions when she changed our clock last night!


This morning, the staff put together a fun event they titled the “Winter Olympics”. Each department created a playful game and we were all encouraged to pitch in and have a go. Prizes were in the form of raffle tickets, the winners being drawn later. We began with the game the deck team had put together, which involved winding ropes around two posts in a figure of eight, racing against an opponent. Fun - but particularly good to meet and have fun with some of the crew who are normally busy in parts of the ship we don’t come across.


Next were the housekeepers, who had created a “booty boogie” game. They filled a tissue box with pingpong balls and tied it around the waist. The competitor had to shake and “boogie” until all the balls had been reased and caught in a basket. The music was loud, the giggles were infectious and it’s hard to know who was having the most fun!


The team from the Casino had brought along the tools of their trade and invited everyone to have a go at cards. I had no idea what to do, or why I won. Shame the prize was only a raffle ticket in that case!


The wait staff had created a game from bottles, rings and string. Using only one hand and with the ring around the neck of the bottle, coax it to stand upright. More difficult than it looks, believe me!


Unsurprisingly, the bar staff had devised a game using bottles too - quoits.


The chef had prepared some jars filled with mystery spices - could we guess what they were?


and the pursers were running a horse race!


Noisiest of all were the entretainment crew, accompanied by the DJ “below stairs” - fun games with skittles and beanbags.


Last but not least (and a truly awful photo - so sorry) was the Engineering dept, who’d prepared one of those “steady hand” exercises. Thankfully, the seas are pretty calm this morning, for it was quite tricky enough already, without the rocking and rolling we’ve had at times.

It was lovely to see everyone having such fun - both crew and guests alike. Simple fun that everyone could enjoy and have a go, all done with good humour and plenty of laughter. When the result of the vote for most popular game was announced - the housekeeping team - there was a huge cheer and a fair bit of squealing from upstairs!

There’s a great team on board Mariner and we are so privileged to benefit from their care and attention. What a fun way to spend the morning!

A special place

A special place

May 4th again

May 4th again