The last piece of the puzzle

The last piece of the puzzle


When we went to dinner last night, a small crowd was gathered on the street corner, watching something going on.


So we stopped to watch too. A couple of men appeared to be unloading something from a lorry, perhaps to the empty plinth alongside? There was a cameraman in place, filming the whole process.

We’d have liked to have stayed and watched, but we had a restaurant reservation and had to go. We thought that we’d take this route back so that we could see what the results were.


We were correct. The bronze figure of a dancer had been placed on top of the plinth in front of the insurance (?) offices, but as yet, there was no information.

This morning, as we went off to explore the neighbourhood, we returned to that street corner to see if there had been any further developments.


Ta Dah!

The bronze figure is by Salvador Dali and is the Dalinian Dancer, one of a pair of bronze figures on show right now as part of a gallery promotion.

Ok. We can relax now we have all the answers.


As of thirty minutes ago or so, we also have our transport home. Our British Airways A380 landed and sits just below us on the tarmac, hopefully being prepared for takeoff in about an hour or so.

What a trip it’s been! (and there are more stories to come….)

Didn't we miss Petropavlovsk?

Didn't we miss Petropavlovsk?

Philosophy already

Philosophy already