and then...

and then...


There’s nothing nicer than getting off a train and catching sight of those I love waiting for me at the barrier! My Hero had driven up early that morning and been to the Ashurbanipal exhibition at the British Museum with Edward whilst Amy enjoyed a quiet morning at home before meeting us for lunch.


I had expressed a wish to explore the area around Kings Cross. The last time I’d been here was with Mary, three or four years ago when we’d met Edward for lunch at Caravan, in one of those former warehouses in the first picture. Then, that area was still very much under redevelopment and we’d struggled to find a way through various building sites. I knew that some new areas were now complete and was curious to see what’s what, so I looked forward to spending a couple of hours here before we returned home.

Screenshot 2019-02-18 14.35.57.jpg

Leaving the station and making our way to the area around the canal is so much easier now that part of the regeneration project is finished. There’s a bustle and an air of fun about the place, even on a Saturday in February. The wide open space is inviting for families and though no-one was doing much sitting around, the fountains in front of the restaurants prove irresistible to passing youngsters.


Who could resist the invitation to come prepared with wellies and have some fun paddling?


I was a bit disappointed that Edward hadn’t been able to get us a reservation for lunch at Caravan but as soon as he said that he planned to go to Dishoom instead, any thoughts of grilled halloumi and artichoke crisps were gone. Whilst we stood in the queue, Amy jumped on the train and by the time we had Gs & Ts in our hands, she had joined us.

a kiosk selling the delicious street food in Mumbai last year

a kiosk selling the delicious street food in Mumbai last year

We all enjoy Indian food, especially the style and flavours of Mumbai, so we were glad to nibble on a bowl of Bhel puri whilst making our choices from the huge menu.


Dishoom is an interesting place with carefully styled décor - clever, authentic and yet a million miles away from the “real thing” at the same time.


The food was great, though - quirky and well presented, inexpensive and tasty. The atmosphere was noisy but it didn’t matter, we had the rest of the weekend to catch up.


I loved the quirky details and would love to wander round when it’s quiet (is it ever?) just to take note of all the bits and pieces.


It was time to leave, though. I was conscious that my Hero had had an early start and it was now mid-afternoon, but I wanted to sneak a look at the newest development here - the Coal Drops Yard. I knew it to be the location of a couple of “different” shops I’d read about and friends who had wandered through here recently said how interesting they had found it. Most of all, I knew it to be the work of the Heatherwick Studio and as a result, I expected something spectacular.


I wasn’t disappointed!


Though there was no time to explore, I was happy to simply get a look at this amazing place; enough to tempt me back for sure.


We wandered a little before making our way towards the newly redeveloped gasometers which were a great signpost to the car park.


Incredibly well located, I was curious to learn more about these apartments - curved walls? Looking at the details however, perhaps we’ll stick with our Cotswold hillside for now. I was also rather curious to learn about this from Amy, who is looking forward to a tour of the gardens shortly. I thought that I might suggest a tour to a couple of like-minded friends, but I think we’ll have a rather long wait - everything is sold out for the foreseeable future.


I caught a glimpse of an appropriately shaped garden by the Gasholder building and that will have to do for now!


It was time for home, but not too late to congratulate my Hero on his clever choice of (empty) car park. It was perfectly placed for our needs and most remarkable of all, it was free! We guessed it was part of a new development and with residents yet to move in, we were able to benefit from their absence.

Best of all, we weren’t saying goodbye to Edward and Amy, but taking them home with us for the weekend. The fun was only just beginning.

In a Cotswold village

In a Cotswold village

A bit of an adventure

A bit of an adventure