In the shadows

In the shadows


Busy days here as we build up to another adventure. As always, there are deadlines, things to be done and suddenly projects which were agreed weeks ago come onto the radar and have to be done. Now.


The light was so lovely the other morning, I couldn’t resist going for my camera to capture the blast of colour on our dining table. I’d picked the branch of (I think?) flowering quince a few days ago and I’ve watched as its come into bloom. It’s wasted in the hedgerow in the garden and usually flowers away where we can’t see it but here in the garden room it can shine.


The light that morning was pretty and I spent a while playing about with my camera before getting down to what I ought to be doing: making Chinese Lanterns for a WI craft project.


By the time I was ready to be taking step by step photographs in my studio, the light had gone. I resorted to my usual trick of a daylight lamp, but that brings with it a whole new set of shadowy problems. The lighting in the studio is generally very good, but any number of overhead lights result in the same number of shadows too. I wish I were a better photographer, but finally, after a hundred or more shots, I had what I needed - and I’d made the samples too.


I went out into the garden to stage the finished project as I usually do, running out as soon as I spotted the briefest glimmer of sunshine. Our postman is used to seeing strange things hanging from the trees and simply smiled as he jumped back in his van. I wonder what he thinks I do?


My usual trick wasn’t going to work this time though, as much of the detail was lost in the confusing background. Time to rethink - and also to wonder why the knots on those four tassels just have to end up facing the front! So many small details which I fail to spot until I review the photograph later.

page 1 and page 8.jpg

As I went back inside, draped with Chinese lanterns, the answer was staring me in the face: the branches in the porch, which had been covered in Christmas decorations and which stay there until the Easter eggs appear. I cleared away the things which were on the table and took a few test pictures.

Better, and I loved the shadows!


Well, most of them…

page 2b 2.jpg

Professional photographers have my admiration. Not only for their skills but for their patience and tenacity! I came across this article recently, describing the process of photographing work for a craft book. That was in my mind yesterday as I tried to achieve acceptable results with my little point and shoot camera and no special set up. Oh, and as always, I wanted it done in five minutes!

Anyway, the Chinese Lantern project is ticked off my list and will appear in time for the Chinese New Year at the end of the month. Now, our adventure is nigh and the suitcase is on the bed.

Coming with us?

Heading for adventure

Heading for adventure

Done. Finished. Over.

Done. Finished. Over.