On the train

On the train


Blessed with fantastic weather today, I took myself off on the train again.


Swiss Railways are noted for their punctuality and today was no exception.  We've been travelling around Switzerland on public transport for forty years or so, and in that time can recall only one major delay and a single cancellation.

I went off to Luzern, thinking I'd enjoy a wander around in the sunshine.  Of course I took my camera and have a couple of hundred photos or so - I'll share some of them when we are home.


Sitting on the train is a chance to take out my phone and snap a few pictures to share here, though.  The modern trains here are almost all double decked, with bright, fresh interiors and efficient information systems.  By the door is a clear map of the region, together with a screen showing the train's progess, listing timings for the upcoming stations.


That's really reassuring for someoe like me, unfamiliar with this part of the network and always anxious in case I'm on the wrong train or missed some change or other.


The clever part comes as we arrive at a station, when that information screen changes to show all the available connections and their location.  Not only train connections, but also buses and ships too, because yes, they all connect with one another.


The problem was, when I boarded my return train in Luzern, it was an "old" one, with none of this technology. (By old, I mean, previous generation and probably about ten years!)  The train manager offered profuse apologies at every opportunity, referring to this "alternative service" and announcing that it would nevertheless be on time.  But how ws I going to know what platform my connection to Lachen would be, when I reached Thalwil?

As we arrived in Thalwil, my phone buzzed to announce the arrival of a text message with onward connections to Lachen!  Yesterday, when investigating train times, I'd downloaded a timetable which had triggered the message service.

Oh Great Western.  How far you have to travel!

With bells on

With bells on

Losing the plot

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