I think I've had enough of pompoms for now

I think I've had enough of pompoms for now


It was a bright and early start to BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace yesterday, but even so, it was nose to tail traffic as we headed for the exhibitors car park.  If it was like this now, what would it be like later?  


I was going to be there on the WI stand, demonstrating the pajaki I'd been busy preparing over the last few days and we had the perfect spot on the "village green"; shady, a bit of a breeze and with the ongoing entertainment from the bandstand and the maypole opposite. I was happy too, because the support pole offered a great means of hanging my sample pajakis too - thanks to the bag of cable ties Anne carries in her bag!

DSC01931_1 2.jpg

So we stayed pretty cool there, prompting a lot of interest in the WI, pajaki and most of all, pompoms!  Had I been on commission for selling pompom gadgets, I'd have been onto a winner.  I could also write a book from the number of stories shared about cutting cardboard doughnut shapes and milk bottle tops.   I was especially pleased that small boys love to make pompoms as much as the girls, too.


Just across the way from us was one of the busiest stands on the site: Thames Water.  They had foreseen the weather and offered reminders to bring your own water bottle, which could be filled for free from their taps around the showground.  Plenty of takers, there was always a long queue for refills and many people were happy to buy their branded Sigg bottles too.  Great idea.


By the end of the day, when the weary were heading back to the car park, I'd completed another pajaki and packed everything up.  With the assistance of my ever-reliable hero, we made our way back across the parched field to the car park and our own red hot car for the drive home.


The fresh, cold Thames water had been good to drink all day, but it couldn't hold a candle to the ice-cold weissbier we enjoyed as soon as we were home!

Today, I'm putting everything away.

I haven't made a single pompom in almost twenty four hours.



The pompom takeover

The pompom takeover