Over the hill and far away

Over the hill and far away

Well, not that far really, but it seemed like it.


When the rest of the country were either relaxing in their gardens or glued to the TV on Saturday afternoon, my Hero and I set off down the lane and out of the village.


Through the woods and down the hill.


Even when we turned onto the dual carriageway, heading towards the city, we could count the number of cars we'd passed on one hand.  There was hardly anyone in sight.


We crossed the river and continued into the county where the earth is almost the same colour as the cattle who share its name.


Through the market town where no-one was about either.  


At some point, we crossed the border and continued down a small lane, much like the one where we'd started.


After just one single wrong turn, we arrived!  I'd booked dinner and overnight at the Whitebrook to celebrate my Hero's birthday.

We still didn't know the result.

Wonderful place, fabulous food.  We had such a lovely time, I forgot to take any photos!


We came home yesterday to celebrate another birthday; one where instead of a tasting menu and wine pairing, there was birthday cake and balloons.  Lovely!


Around the table

Around the table

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