Well, when in midtown Manhattan, there's only one place for breakfast as far as we are concerned.  So yes, it was corned beef hash for him and french toast for me.  Yum.


But after such a breakfast, we felt the need to walk a little and absorb the city.  We set out along Sixth Avenue a short distance, turning left at Bryant Park where a landmark was shining there high in the clear blue sky. 


Of course, you recognised it didn't you?


I had to stop as we crossed Fifth Avenue to get the iconic photo - we might not be in NYC for long, but whilst we are here, well...


Our flight to St Louis left from La Guardia at lunchtime and as the sun was still shining, I hoped for some grand views as we took off and kept my camera in my hand.  We were flying in a small(ish) Embraer jet with single seating down one side, so we both had window seats, too.


I was not disappointed.  We took off to the east and then made a circular loop over Manhattan, getting the most spectacular views.


As we flew over the George Washington bridge, I was waving madly, just in case Jordi was looking up and saw a plane overhead.  


We climbed over the suburbs and into the clouds, where we stayed for most of the journey.  But with ten or fifteen minutes to go, we began our descent above a rather more rural scene than we'd left behind.


First we saw the mighty Mississippi river on the horizon and as it came nearer, we recognised some of the landmarks we'd read about and plan to visit whilst we are in St Louis.  Can you spot the Gateway Arch?


Our flight was a little early, arriving shortly before the flight from Los Angeles, so we were there as Mary collected her luggage from the carousel.  Half an hour later, we were giving the hire car a once over and noting a few small defects on the form.  Apparently, we dont't need a front number plate, because it's an "out of state vehicle".   We'll see...


Our hotel is in the former Union Station and is as spectacular inside as it is out.  It's enormous and reaching our room involves a really long walk.  Mary's room is in a similar location but one floor above ours, so we have a choice - return to reception and take the lift or, I thought, take the stairs opposite our room.  Just one problem according to my Hero: The stairs only go up and not down.  Huh?

Meet me in St Louis

Meet me in St Louis

Later that afternoon

Later that afternoon