Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


Another glorious day and where better to begin it than here, enjoying breakfast in the sunshine?


Even though the ship is sailing full, there are always some quiet spots to be found.


I wouldn't normally include La Veranda, our preferred breakfast place on my list of quiet spots, for there is usually a cheerful clatter of dishes and a jolly atmosphere.  This morning, perhaps everyone was enjoying the extra hour in bed, for we set our clocks back another hour last night - the second time in as many days.


The Easter Bunny found us last night, too, delivering a box of chocolates to our suite, even though we are a long way from the coast of South Africa right now.


Maybe he had some assistance from the chefs and patissiers who were surely working hard all night to create this magic which was there on display this morning.


There's a general sense of fun on board today, though, because it's also April Fools Day and last night, along with our usual copy of Passages, the daily newsheet, came this special commemorative edition.


Those familiar with such things will see the insider jokes - someone (Jamie) has taken quite some time to create such a clever and funny listing and we giggled our way through it at least twice already.


It's going to be a fun day then, with everyone playing along - Gudrun is only accepting Bitcoins today and the dress code is "clothing optional" (I hope no one takes that seriously!)


For now, then, I'll simply wish you a Happy Easter from here in the Indian Ocean and hope that the Easter Bunny hopped by and left a few goodies for you, too!

Exercising the grey matter

Exercising the grey matter

Where magic happens

Where magic happens