Counting down

Counting down


I’m not quite sure where the last few days have gone. It seems like just a couple of days ago that I posted here and yet I see it’s been more than a week. Hmm.

The time of the year, eh?

I looked out of the window this morning and just had to run for my camera. The mist had settled in the valley and the sun was just coming up as the incoming flights bound for Heathrow left trails across the sky. I imagined those on board buckling up and cabin crew taking their seats for landing as Speedbird-one-seven-six flies overhead (if you haven’t read Skyfaring I recommend it!) The start of another fun-packed day!


A Speedbird with a different number brought Mary to us last week for a couple of days. Busy schedules meant we had only a short time to catch up, but of course, there is always time for Daylesford.


It always looks particularly splendid at this time of the year, with their customary lavish decorations. We sat beneath one of the huge wreaths in the café, musing on how they create such enormous constructions.

“They just bring in a hedge” was my Hero’s theory.


Probably so - though it would surely be an ethically grown, organic hedge, wouldn’t you think? We all love (and admire) their rather spare but elegant rustic style and are always amused to bump into friends when we are there. Who has the larger carrier bag of purchases then? (On this occasion, they did!)


We headed off down the road to The Wild Rabbit for lunch. It’s a while since we’ve been there, opting for The Plough recently, but I am sure it won’t be long before we are back. The food was superb, the ambience warm and relaxed and actually, we could have settled in for the weekend quite happily!


Gloucester Cathedral was pretty full most of Saturday afternoon, when the Stuart Singers led a couple of the “Carols on the Hour” sessions.


The Knitivity always provides plenty of conversation topics, including this year, why was there an octopus on the ox’s back? (And what’s the story behind the name of this new ox: Orlando Bloom?)


A family Sunday lunch (Jamie’s Epic Roast Pork - wow!) with a pavlova is all part of the routine too, waving Mary off on her travels through Wales and beyond as we begin to count down the days.


I’ve been savouring descriptions of panettone today, thanks to Nigel.

A dark and stormy night

A dark and stormy night

It's beginning to look a bit like...

It's beginning to look a bit like...