No station left behind

No station left behind


We couldn’t return to the hotel without poking our noses inside the former Union Station, could we? We’d passed it by several times on the green shuttle bus and didn’t think it looked that inviting, but having stayed in the equivalent property in St Louis earlier in the year, we were curious to see how this one compared.


Well, though the St Louis Union Station is undoubtedly grander, I think that I would say that this one is possibly finer? Certainly, they are very similar indeed, with the same outline and layout. Here, the hall is rather smaller and more compact which makes it a little more comfortable.


Though there may not be a light show here, the chandeliers make for quite a show in themselves.


We both tried really hard to get a decent photograph of this wonderful departure board, but not only was it in a narrow corridor, it was behind a glass panel too. Sadly, the reflections make it a totally hopeless picture, but hopefully, you can see why we loved it so.


The names, the places…picturing the people taking the Dixie Flyer to Florida, via Chattanooga and Atlanta - “Two Dixies Daily” I discovered here


Though this waiting room/booking hall would not have been quite so lavish in the days of the Station, what a place to begin a grand adventure, eh?


Of course, we were keeping an eye on our watches, knowing that we still had to pack our bags and get ourselves to the airport later.

DSC04840 1.jpg

We thought we’d make the most of such a lovely day and walk back, first along Broadway


where the churches and other grand public buildings soon give way to the honky tonks.


Even at this time of the day, there’s live music to enjoy and plenty of people were doing just that.


There’s something about such places in daylight though, isn’t there? We peered through the windows, I took a few photos and we carried on up N 4th Ave to our hotel.

DSC04859 1.jpg

A couple of hours later and we were on our way.


Nashville, it’s been grand!

December 1

December 1

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